Recurring Giving

Recurring scheduled giving allows you to stay faithful and consistent in your generosity. So, when life gets hectic, you are traveling, or when the unexpected happens, you will still be able to sow into God's kingdom work. 

Set Up your Recurring Gift Online

From your computer or phone click the link here:

  1. Click the link here:
  2. Select the Recurring tab under "My Donation"
  3. Choose the Fund you'd like to give to (Tithes, general offering, etc.) and enter the Amount.

  4. Select your frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.)

  5. Choose your payment method and complete the required information.

  6. Hit Submit

  7. You're done!

You will receive an email confirmation that your recurring gift has been established. 

Set Up your Recurring Giving with Text 2 Give

  1. Text GIVE to 1(330) 574-4203

  2. Click the provided link. This will automatically take you to your ministry's giving form without having to log in (pretty cool, right?!)

  3. Enter the amount at the top of the page

  4. Select the Recurring tab.

  5. Choose the Fund (tithes, general offering, etc.) you'd like to give to.

  6. Select your frequency and the start date(s) and payment method.

  7. You're done 👍🏼

You'll then see an immediate confirmation that your recurring  giving schedule has been created! 🎊